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Get better at League of Legends by using the secrets and tricks that pros use!

Did you know that stacking Doran items is a secret used by pros in almost every game?

Why is stacking Doran items a secret that pros use?

Well because Doran items scale A LOT in early game, meaning that for 475 gold you get a huge bang for your buck.

But Doran items don't scale to late game?

Well yes true, but you buy it for early to early mid game because whether you are at a disadvantage or advantage, you can press on that through the early scaling that dorans give. If you are winning your lane and you can get lots of farm with relatively low use of your skills, then having doran items will make you 2-3x more powerful in lane.

Even Reginald advises in almost every full game tutorial to buy 2-3 dorans on the first or second buy of every game. And it's not just Reginald who does it, practically every pro does it.

There are few exceptions and those usually fall on hero choice. Heroes like Vlad Kennen, Rumble would probably be better to rush a revolver first, which is fine.

But stacking dorans early game is a secret pros like HotShotGG, Reginald, Dyrus and more use to win their lane without having to change gameplay.

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Free Sample Video!

The video at the front page is not really a sample video, more like a bunch of clips put together to impress you guys what the creators can do. They're pretty impressive if you ask me, any of those could easily make it onto the top 5 plays of Potato Monster.

In the real videos though, they'll be breaking down strategies and techniques they use so it's not just a bunch of random clips thrown together to make the author look like a pro.

Here's the youtube link:

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What You Learn

Like I said, LoL Secrets is useful for beginners who just got the game, as well as veterans who have been playing since DotA. The videos that you see in LoL Secrets begin from the very basics, to very detailed analysis on team fighting tactics and role of each hero.

There's not a single detail that wasn't missed by the creators of this guide.

The big things you learn:

  • How to play each lane, top, mid, bot, and even jungle.
  • How to win your lane, who counters who.
  • How to capitalize on your enemy team's positioning, and skill usage
  • How to zone enemies, out harass them, and when to go in the kill
  • Best team compositions, aoe team, cc team, or heavy dps team.
  • What the pros know that you don't.
And much more.

So you tell me if you already knew everything that was listed, even if you think you do, you probably don't, because each video pays very particular attention to detail and every tiny tactic and strategy is explained that you simply can't miss out on this great guide!

If you think there are better ways to get better at LoL, then you better read this article!

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Why Buy LoL Secrets?

There are lots of options to choose from when it comes to getting better at LoL.
  1. You can either watch streams, such as HotShotGG, or TheOddOne, but let's be honest, how much do you really learn from watching a super high ELO guy who does nothing but rage at his teammates and thinks he's the best player ever? (No offense to those guys I think you're great) But when I watch a stream, it feels like it's more 5% educational, and 90% entertainment, and 5% for the lulz. 
  2. You could also read guides on websites like mobafire, or leaguecraft. But those guides are compressed to about 3 minutes of reading at most, sure some guides are written very well and authors put a lot of heart and time into a single guide, but then the guide is soooo long and looks soooo boring, that why would you want to waste 10 minutes reading a guide when you can just take a quick glance at the build and play the game? Written guides are great, but they're either too shallow, or too long; didn't read.
  3. You could play the game. And waste 10000 hours of your life learning what you could learn from watching 3-4 videos of LoL Secrets
  4. The worst, absolute option ever. You pay for private lessons. Do you guys know what Dyrus charges? (No offense to anyone who pays for lessons from Dyrus) Dyrus charges $65 EACH HOUR of lessons. Insane? Probably not, his rates have been that high for like a couple months now, suggesting that people are actually paying ridiculously high prices just to learn how to last hit creeps! How about instead of paying $65 dollars an hour for mediocre lessons, you pay $20 for a guide that you can keep for a life time that will go way more in-depth than what some 2.2k ELO guy has to offer!
So it's your choice what you want to do to get better at League of Legends. I think it's pretty obvious though.

I use to watch streams all the time, especially HotShotGG, but then I realized that all I'm learning from him is the best way to put your team down in All Chat. Trust me, buy LoL Secrets, and save yourself loads of time by having everything you need to know in one place, compressed in 720p HD videos!

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What is LoL Secrets?

LoL Secrets is by far the best guide out there for those who want to improve their gameplay in League of Legends. And for good reasons. The guide was created for noobs and mediocre players, but after a few of the lessons, the authors go way more in-depth to the game that even Veterans can learn a lot from watching a few of the tutorial videos.

LoL Secrets comes in the form of many videos, each perfected to suit a wide variety of audience so that the videos are simple, and easy to understand! Plus every video is in 720p HD quality so that you feel like you're sitting right in the pro's position and owning everyone! You can tell the authors of the videos put a lot of time and effort into the video!

Things that videos cover go from basics such as goals of the game, monster names (drag, baron etc.) and basic last hitting techniques. A few videos in and you'll be finding yourself learning about laning techniques, whether top, mid, jungle, or duo bot. You learn how to play every role in the game as well as how to utilize summoner spells effectively in each lane so you never lose! The best part is that the guide breaks down every hero and who they counter, so you'll never lose your lane again! 

Before you know it, the video goes in depth on tactics in team fights, what your role should be during these key team fights, and how you should even begin to approach a fight. Watching a couple of these videos, you learn not only to be a carry, but to be a leader and shot caller in every game! After learning from these videos and practicing them, all the techniques and tactics that were taught will become second nature and before you know it, you'll be up there in the top .1% (Platinum) of Ranked Solo Queue, or 5v5 Arranged, or 3v3, whatever, you'll become the master of League of Legends before you even know it, just from watching simple tutorial videos!

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